Directions to Camp Schmitt

In about � to � of a mile you will enter the forest. About � of a mile from the edge of the forest (just before an uphill curve to the right then left) there is a woods road with a chain across it supported by two white poles (the chain should be down if someone is there). Enter here and drive into the field.

If you have a GPS unit, input the following coordinates: +39° 21' 7.56", -78° 34' 47.08" ( 39.352099, -78.579744)

[1] When returning, this intersection is often confusing. Follow signs to US11, making a left, first light after going under the bridge, off Rt. 522 onto Rt. 37. Proceed about 3 miles following signs to US 81. The entrance to US 81 South is just past the Sheetz.