Eagle Scout Application Check List

Troop 33

  1. Make sure most current edition of eagle application is being used.
  2. Everything except signatures need to be typed on this form. Font will adjust as you type to be correct size.
  3. Full Name � including middle � spelled out.
  4. Check date Joined Boy Scout troop. � No Merit badges can be earned before this date.
  5. Leave No line blank � put in N/A if Not applicable
  6. If Arrow of Light not earned then you have to have completed 5th grade upon joining.
  7. Check date of Birth. All Merit badges and all requirements must be before 18th birthday
  8. Check date of Life Scout Board of Review.- Position of Responsibility must start after this date and be for 6 months
  9. Requirement 2 � List a name for each Reference with Address, phone and email. Tell each person they will be contacted by the Scoutmaster. Scoutmaster will contact these people.
  10. Requirement 2 � Religious reference � if not active in a church list parent name
  11. Requirement 2 � Employer- if not employed mark as N/A.
  12. Requirement 3- In place 6 and 9 � cross-out MB not earned. You an use a crossed out one as one for #13-21 if needed.
  13. Merit badge names must be official name as listed by BSA � use what is on your history report.
  14. Requirement 4 � Position must be start after Life BoR and proceed for 6 months.
  15. Requirement 4. If only one position, mark N/A in line for second position.
  16. Requirement 5.- Title of Project should state where it was done, ie, Ceiling Tile Replacement at Takoma Park Presbyterian Church
  17. Certification by Applicant � signature dates from scout, Scoutmaster and Committee Chairperson MUST before 18th birthday.
  18. After all this is done Scoutmaster sends copy by fax or pdf - email or bring hard copy to Marg Egan at Marriott Scout Center. She will check all dates using Scout-Net. If ok she will sign and return. She has access to dates of 1st Class, and Star BoR dates so she can make sure # of Require Eagle MB were earned during those times by scout.
  19. Only after receiving this signature can an appointment be made with Mrs Marsh to set up Eagle Board of Review.