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Troop Committee


The Committee is the Troop's administrative body. It is made up of all the parents of the Scouts' who serve to provide organization for Scouting activities. The Committee Chairman presides over Committee Meetings and many Troop functions are delegated to Committee Members holding specific positions, such as Treasurer and Advancement Chairman. Committee Members may be registered with the Boy Scouts of America, and all are encouraged to take the basic Scout Leader Training.

The Committee's primary responsibility is to support the Scoutmaster and the Troop Leadership in running a successful, safe, and sound program. The Committee oversees the Troop's program and activities, ensures that proper leadership is provided for the Scouts, and sees that the Troop has adequate equipment, meeting facilities, funds, etc. In performing these functions, the Committee supports the Scoutmaster in four areas: Program Planning, Advancement, Outdoor Program and Administration.

Program Planning

The Patrol Leaders' Council, made up of the Scouts who hold leadership positions within the Troop, is responsible for planning the Troop's Scouting program, while the Scoutmaster is responsibility for making sure that the program is carried out as it should be. However, the Troop Committee supports the Scoutmaster in delivering a quality program by reviewing the PLC's proposals to ensure that the necessary support, equipment, and funding exists, and the proposed activities do not violate the Guide to Safe Scouting or other BSA guidelines.

The Troop Committee does not communicate with the Patrol Leaders' Council and Scouts directly, but interacts with them through the Scoutmaster. The Committee also advises the Scoutmaster on policies relating to Boy Scouting.

The Committee should is responsible for informing Parents of the Troop Program and enlist their support of that program. In addition, the Committee provides other necessary support, such as finances, transportation, equipment, and Leadership to ensure that the program is successful, whether it is for Troop Meetings, activities, or special events.


The Troop Committee oversees and supports the Advancement Program by conducting Boards of Review for Rank Advancement, obtaining badges and awards, keeping accurate Advancement records, and ensuring that Courts of Honor are planned and carried out to recognize advancing Scouts ceremonially.

Outdoor Program

The Troop Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Troop provides a camping and outdoor program with a minimum of 10 days and nights per year. Support for the outdoor program comes by recruiting leadership for Summer Camp, encouraging the Parents' support of the Troop's outdoor program, providing transportation for tours and camps, filing necessary tour permits and by promoting standards of safe and healthful experiences for Troop.


The Committee handles a wide variety of administrative functions. It is responsible for assisting in the selection of the best person to serve as Scoutmaster, and to ensure that additional quality Adult Leadership is recruited and trained as Assistant Scoutmasters.

The Committee manages all Troop funds and approves expenditures in line with an approved budget plan. The Treasurer pays all approved bills, maintains savings and expense records, and informs the Committee the Committee of any financial matters related to Troop budget.

The Committee ensures that the Troop has an adequate meeting place for weekly Troop Meetings and other activities. It also supports the Troop Quartermaster by assigning an Equipment Chair to assist with procurement, storage, inventory and repair of Troop equipment. Other Committee members are responsible for sending out meeting notices, recording meeting minutes, re-registering the Troop with the BSA, and running its recruiting plan.

The Committee assumes responsibility for all these tasks so that the Scoutmaster does not become overburdened with administrative and support needs, and allows him Scoutmaster to concentrate on bringing the Scouting program to the boys in the Troop.

Committee Chairman

The Committee Chairman assists the Scoutmaster with the overall program. His emphasis is administration, Troop operation and recharter. The Committee Chairman is responsible for coordinating efforts between the various Troop Committee positions and presides over the Troop Committee Meeting (see the Troop Committee Guidebook, No. 34505). He also assists with the Eagle Project/Eagle Application approval process.

Specific Duties:


The Secretary is responsible for keeping minutes of Troop Committee Meetings.

Specific Duties:


The Troop Treasurer maintains all Troop finances, collects dues and fees, pays Troop bills, and provides a written report of income and expenses at the regular Troop Committee Meetings. At the beginning of each activity year, the Treasurer and the Scoutmaster prepare a summary of the previous year's income and expenses and prepare a proposed budget of all projected income and expenses for the coming year, for review and approval by the Troop Committee. The Treasurer guides and assists the Committee in conducting a simple annual audit of the previous year's income and expenses.

Specific Duties:

Outdoor Activities Chair

The Outdoor Activities Chair promotes and ensures an Outdoor Program with the goal of ten cumulative days and nights of campouts per year.

Specific Duties:

Advancement Chair

The Advancement Chair is responsible for the maintenance of the official records of the Troop for Scout Advancement. The duties require him to be satisfied and certify that the requirements for each Advancement have been met, at which time he will certify the Scout eligible for a Scoutmaster Conference and coordinate a Board of Review for the eligible Scout.

Specific Duties:

Training Chair

The Training Chair is responsible for developing Adult and Youth Leaders through training programs. This includes Fast Start Training for new Parents; Guide to Safe Scouting: Youth Protection Training; Advancement Guidelines Training; Safe Scouting Guidelines Training and promoting Safe Swim Defense; Safety Afloat; Boy Scout Leader Training and Wood Badge.

Specific Duties:


The Chaplain is responsible for promoting the pursuit of the 12th point of the Scout Law: "A Scout Is Reverent".

Specific Duties:

Charter Organization Representative (COR)

The Charter Organization Representative is the liaison to Takoma Park Presbyterian Church. They are responsible for communication and coordination with the Church on behalf of the Troop.

Specific Duties:

Communications Chair

The Communications Chair is responsible for contacting members of the Troop and/or Troop Committee as well as Parents of the Scouts for all activities such as meetings, campouts/outings, training and service events, etc. Communication is primarily made through e-mail.

Specific Duties:


The Quartermaster is responsible for procurement and maintenance of Troop equipment.

Specific Duties:

Webelos Transition Coordinator

Encourages Webelos Scouts to make the transition into Boy Scouts and join the troop.

Specific Duties:

Fundraising Chairs

Fundraising Chairs research and recommend individual fundraising projects to meet the Troop's financial needs.

Specific Duties:

Outdoor Event Chairs

Each outing is planned by an Outdoor Event Chair, who secures reservations for Troop campouts, coordinates transportation, processes tour permits and necessary paperwork required to conduct the Outdoor Program.

Specific Duties:

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